Partner and Affiliated Ministries

We are greatly encouraged by these fellow laborers in the Word:

Refugee Hope Partners

Right in the middle of North Raleigh, there is a growing community at Cedar Point Apartments, a door to the nations of the world. Many families have come from all over to reside in this place. Since 2007 we have counted it a privilege to serve this community with the love of Christ.

Mountain Top Youth Camp

Mountain Top Youth Camp is a safe, healthy and fun environment in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina where youth can learn God's word, experience unique activities and build strong friendships.

Pittsboro Christian Village

Pittsboro Christian Village is a caring and compassionate community for the Lord’s people during their senior years. We provide for our residents’ spiritual and physical well-being, guided by Biblical principles to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Assembly Care Ministries

Assembly Care exists to connect believers from New Testament patterned assemblies with commended workers, ministries and other similar assemblies in North America. A second goal is to make believers more aware of commended workers laboring within North America.

Western Wake Bible Chapel

Western Wake Bible Chapel is an assembly of believers that meets according to New Testament example in Apex, NC. These beloved saints were previously with us in fellowship and service at North Ridge Bible Chapel, and have stepped out to establish a new work in this fast-growing region of the Research Triangle.

Voices for Christ Ministry

Voices for Christ is an attempt to make Christ-centered ministry available to a wider audience. We are especially interested in helping those on the foreign field, those who have a sincere interest in the infallible Word of God, and any desiring to see the Lord Jesus Christ preeminent in His church.

Workers & Elders Conference

Workers & Elders Conference is a committee made up of workers and elders from the United States and Canada meets annually to plan future conferences. The conference usually alternates between the Midwest and the East.